Oak Island Geometrically reSOLVED! Genuine Design Plan Revealed

With THE “KEY” no longer hidden, the geometry of Oak Island reveals every detail of the Designers plan. The long lost Treasure of Oak Island is ready for the taking!  And maybe more than one place to look ……


The fabled Money Pit of Oak Island has had treasure hunters searching for over two hundred years. Searching for “something” buried deep underground. Hidden flood tunnels have kept searchers at bay, hindering every effort to get to the treasure. The very popular History Channel program “The Curse of Oak Island” has firmly placed this treasure hunt in front of millions of people. More people than ever are intrigued by the history and events of Oak Island.

But, searchers should have just followed the instructions!


There is a “key” that allows the creation of amazing geometry that provides the place to “look” on Oak Island. There really is a geometric design that lays out all of the Island secrets. The Money Pit, all of the other shafts, astronomical information, shoreline profile and more…..

Discover for yourself, step by step, as I show you how the Designer implemented a geometric design at Oak Island. Very simple geometry, but cleverly applied. This is functional “working” geometry that creates the positions of all of the shafts on Oak Island.


They are CLOSE!! Very, Very close to the Money Pit! From my geometry design I can see that the current caisson hole must be very close to the original Money Pit!

(Go to Money Pit Location? for detailed information)


What will the current searchers find? Who put it there and why? What could be so important that a group would expend so much effort in secreting their valued possessions? Only finding something will answer these questions, but there are CLUES! The geometry shows you the WHERE!


In this book I will show you what has been hidden for so long. It was never intended for you and I to uncover this geometry, only a recent discovery revealing the work of a Designer. Recognising the “key” was just the start!


With the discovery enclosed within this book you can see what the Designer has implemented at Oak Island. You will be amazed at the accuracy of the geometry as it places all of the well known elements of the Oak Island story. But, you will also see that there is yet more for you to discover, to understand and to reveal. Accurate geographic and astronomical information and “locations” to look …… more than just the Money Pit! Buy this book and discover for yourself!


The geometric design revealed in the book creates detailed design plans for the Money Pit and other elements of the Oak Island layout.

The log layer divisions, placement of the Oak Boxes Level and the Cement Chamber, Steel Plate, Inscribed Stone and more. From this design you can even deduce which items intersected in past drilling do not belong!

The Inscribed Stone itself has FOUR geometric alignments! The Oak Boxes and Cement Chamber levels perfectly align to known depths from past drilling. I was even able to show where the auger drilling of 1897 went through to achieve the drill intersect measurements recorded!

Very detailed, very accurate! The design even creates the 7″ and 5″ measurements of timber items intersected!

Discover for yourself what was planned and constructed on Oak Island!  Buy online at Amazon and you will be amazed at the correlations with historic evidence.

Money Pit Geometric Design