Money Pit Location?

Money Pit Located?

The current searching has come closer than anyone in over 100 years to locating the site of the original Money Pit. I believe that the current caisson is slightly South East of the true Money Pit location.

I have very carefully plotted my geometric location and compared it to the estimated position of the caisson. This results in a distance of between 15-20 feet between them.

Other Shafts?

I am  of the opinion that Chappell had excavated near to Shaft #2 and not the original Money Pit. Maybe it is as simple as confusion between the numerous shaft excavations that resulted in this occurring.

I suspect that the site of the original Money Pit shaft was confused with the Shaft #3 (Tupper) and this resulted in the selection of Shaft #2 by Chappell. Following searchers followed this lead and the result is no recent searchers have been successful in finding anything even though depths have certainly matched or exceeded the known depth and intersections of the original money Pit?

The excellent website,, has an interesting article that quotes both Dunfield and Mel Chappell as witnesses of where the original Money Pit appeared during the 1965 Dunfield pit excavation. North of the Chappell shaft and West of the Hidden shaft.

This places their estimate of the Money Pit location very close to my geometric position.

Link to article

Geometric Alignment to the Money Pit

If you read my article on the “Stone Triangle Location” you will see that the geometry creates an Equilateral Triangle of 1080 foot sides. It was quite natural to add an inverted Equilateral Triangle and so form the Star of David.

Following on from this I simply applied lines perpendicular to the sides of the smaller triangle that encompassed the Money Pit location. When I looked at the angles formed I found that the triangle formed was exactly 120°, 30°, 30°. This was the result of the perpendicular lines.

Does such a rhombus shape have any significance?