Oak Island Mystery

Mystery Rock Formations

On Oak Island a number of mysterious rock formations have surfaced over the years. The Stone triangle on the South shore was first located by Captain Welling in the late 1800’s and Nolan’s Cross was identified by a professional surveyor and former resident of Oak Island, Fred Nolan.

These are but two of many strange rock arrangements and individual stones that dot the Island. Rocks drilled precisely have been found, rocks with markings such as numbers and characters engraved in their surfaces.

Nolan’s Cross

Nolan’s Cross is a massive structure spread over hundreds of feet, consisting of very large boulders up to nine feet in height. It’s arrangement is very precise and its cross arm lies at a thirty degree angle from True North. At a Ā length of 867 feet and 720 feet across it has attracted a hoard of theories about its purpose and origin. The central boulder was found underneath the ground, buried! A face like appearance seems to have been carved into its surface, as well as the outline of a sword. This central boulder is sandstone whereas the other boulders are granite! Why was it hidden and by whom? What does it represent? Why construct such an arrangement of boulders?

Nolan's Cross
Nolan's Cross Dimensions

The Stone Triangle

This arrangement of large stones has a very specific shape and measurements. Strangely, even though it is an equilateral triangle with sides ten feet in length, the central line of stones are off centre! They align to True North, but the triangle sides align 6.59 degrees West? Speculation of its importance has been the focus of much debate since its discovery. It suffered the same fate as for other Oak Island artefacts, destroyed by searchers! But not before it was measured and its dimensions documented.

The geometry I have uncovered locates the Triangle’s exact position, at least where it used to be!

This triangle is very important for correctly understanding and laying out the geometry of Oak Island.

Stone Triangle
Stone Triangle geometry

Mystery Solution

Only when the geometric “KEY” that I have uncovered is applied do these stone structures take on the purpose that they were placed there for.

Yes, they have a purpose, a part to play in the Applied Geometry of Oak Island.

You can discover what that purpose was, how they were intended to be used and see the final outcome in my book. This is not just a collection of rocks and boulders, but an ingenious design that the Designer intended for those recovering the “Treasure” to use. When you buy my book you will read about how the geometry of Oak Island employs these stones to reveal its secrets, even the location of the Money Pit!