Stone Markers on Oak Island

Stone Triangle
Stone triangle

Stone Triangle – South Shore Oak Island

The stone triangle on the South Shore is a very interesting piece of evidence that was obliterated in the quest to locate any potential treasure. In itself that triangle held a lot of information in its humble appearance and was a key guide-post established by those who designed what is on Oak Island. Gone forever, but fortunately the dimensions were measured and its former position can be accurately pinpointed even today.

The only decent depiction of the Stone Triangle is from a 1939 short film by Leroy A Crooks, a young cinematographer just starting his career. The film is available online for viewing and the Stone Triangle is at 10 minutes 40 seconds into the film. Well worth Viewing.


The Stone Triangle plays an important part in the Geometry of Oak Island. Behind its crude appearance lies some very specific information.

Below I have included a composite image of the Stone Triangle, taken from stills of the Leroy A Crooks film.

Stone Triangle Oak Island
The Stone Triangle at the South Shore of Oak Island.