Templar or Freemason?

Knights Templar or Freemasons or …..?

The Templars and Freemasons have a habit of popping into view whenever the mystery of Oak Island is raised.

What was done at Oak Island required teamwork, dedication, secrecy and above all, skill. The geometry construction I have uncovered is detailed, exacting and comprehensive in providing a detailed design plan for what was done on Oak Island.

Above all, it is simple! Yes, simple, but the clever application of that simplicity is in the way it was executed and encoded on Oak Island itself. An underlying mathematical function provides the basis for the geometry, but it is still a simple system of geometric design known for thousands of years. And used by many cultures one way or another.

Templars, Freemasons, Rosicrucian’s, and many others have almost revered geometry as a religious symbol of their belief systems. Entwined in their respective cultures. Thus it appears in their culture as a centerpiece, almost a badge of part of their identity.

Finding this geometric method present on Oak Island does point to someone educated, someone who felt that a “brother” would understand it all when the time came for recovering the hidden cache.

In my book I have focused very much on the geometric design itself, but to extrapolate from this geometry a who, a when, or a why is very risky. The important issue to me is that there is a design that correlates to the historic records of the shaft and tunnel positions, that accurately places each element of the design on Oak Island. Having this information will lead to the cache position/s and thereby the “identity” that everyone wants to know.

There is much hype and speculation surrounding Oak Island but until a major find is made then it is all smoke and mirrors. As I stated in my book, I resisted naming, dating or providing a reason for what occurred on Oak Island, for the simple reason that the design blueprint did not come with a name or date. Yes, I have the Design, but it could be any number of parties involved.

Sacred geometry elements are there, pieces of information to indicate that this Design was a statement of how important Geometry was to them, but overall it is the working geometry that places and locates, that defines and measures what is on Oak Island.

All “evidence” needs to come together before an accurate picture of the identity will be known.

Indications I found come from the measurements, the possible units of measurements, the use of the mathematics behind the geometry, the accuracy of geographic positioning and astronomical information and further indications that point to Europe, in particular the South Eastern corner of France.

As you read the book and discover the Geometry then you can decide the who, the when and the why for yourself!

See for yourself, purchase my book online and discover the Geometry Design. Use this evidence to form your own opinion!

All I am sure of at this time is that there is a Design, a genuine geometrically derived design that accurately correlates to Oak Island. Find out for yourself!

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